Sunday, January 07, 2007

Web Design: Mono Face

Web Design: Mono Face (Please visit for the greatest fun)
A promotional campaign/flash application/ a new year wish from mono studio.

Happy New Year from all of them from mono.

What do i do?
Click the mouth, nose, head and each eye to create a different monoface. And Keep clicking there are 759,375 possible faces.

Oh my god, please visit this very cool & funny flash website. It'll for sure give you some surprise and delighting your days. The idea of forming faces with small different parts is not a new idea but to put it here it would be a great idea. The execution of this application was just so perfect, stunning photography, stunning emotion and expression. Each set of "parts" doesn't give weird feel for all the combination, it looks real.

For the promotional purposes, i do think this is very new and efficient, it grabbed my attention, the next action right after i played with this application, i visited their company website.

I like this, very cool, enjoy.

Resource from FWA

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